Siguiendo la medidas de prevención del avance del COVID-19 dictadas por él Gobierno de España, y actuando con responsabilidad, para solventar esta situación cuanto antes, SASU Palma cerrará […]

Followed our goverment’s appeal and closed our SASU shops

EN: In the best interest of our staff, our clients and our fellow citizens, we have followed our goverment’s appeal and closed our SASU shops in Dornbirn and […]

Every 4 years

February 29th day happens to us every 4 years, make sure not to miss out on it and plan something special for you to remember this weekend.  If [...]

Artichoke Elixir

Meet our new arrival available at SASU Dornbirn.Artichoke Elixir, an herbal liqueur made in the traditional German pharmacy style by @dr.jaglas.Unlock the new taste of a spicy flavour [...]

Less is more

Colorful and personal brand @lacerisesurlegateau_annehubert is sharing the French way of living by adding minimalism and returning to basics.A close-knit team of curious and passionate people are creating […]

True friendship

«True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.»@alisiajewels small jewels with a high emotional effect, speak louder than words.#SASU#SASU_Dornbirn#SASU_Palma#SASU_brands#Alisiajewels#braceletlovers#fashionjewelry#instamallorca#palmademallorca

Gold & Silver

Saskia Diez is a German designer that specializes in jewelry. She shapes her ideas of simplicity, elegance and feminine.⁠Together with that she creates her series of eau de [...]

Beautiful dining and kitchen accessories

Surround yourself with what you love mostBeautiful dining and kitchen accessories by Danish brand @menuspace designed to connect individuals and to add a sense of calm through high-quality [...]

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, whether you have picked your date-night outfit and are looking for accessories to go along with it or are still trying to find that […]

Still looking for that special present …

Still looking for that special present for Valentine’s Day?Choose one of the manicure sets by F. Hammann, Sustainable Leathergoods, available in different colors are the perfect gift for [...]